Thursday, December 13, 2012

Movie Review: A Single Man

This film is very different from any other I have viewed. It really opened my eyes to the lifestyles and choices made by others. This film definitely tugged at me emotionally. The grief that George feels for his partner is raw and real, and the Colin Firth does a great job displaying George's pain to the audiencee. I think this film has a great message within it. When people just "let go" of their pain and suffering and accept what has happened they are then are able to be "freed" so to say - and George was indeed freed at the end of this film.

Image source: My First Little Place

Monday, December 10, 2012

Reflection Post

I have learned much since August! I now have a great understanding of visuals and why they are important in our world. However, I have learned more than just what visuals are. I have learned that body language is a huge piece of being visually literate. Being able to "read" a person is very important in this day-in-age. I have also learned that it is important to teach younger generations visual literacy and the meaning behind them. Overall, I enjoyed this course very much! It has impacted in ways that words can express and I now have a better view of the world.

Image from personal collection

Friday, December 7, 2012

Society's Influences

I went shopping at a local mall recently and I all of the sudden I was overcome by emotions. I was inside Victoria's Secret and I felt really strange while shopping in this store. I have been in this store many times and I had no problem until the other day. As I looked around the store I saw many photographs of beautiful and flawless women. As I studied these images I began to think about what those pictures were telling me and all the other women who shop there. Are we supposed to look like these women in the photos? If I don't look like this can I still purchase the items available in the store? Of course I have the right to purchase anything I would like inside this store, but I really began to think about the power of these images. I soon realized that I was thinking way too hard about shopping for clothing and I left the store. In my opinion, it is amazing how much images can influence our daily decisions.

Image from: fotocommunity