Friday, January 27, 2012

Using Collaborative Tools

Where would this world be today if we did not have collaborative tools? So many new advances have made our lives easier because of these great additions to our society. One tool in particular I have found to love is GoogleDocs. To be honest when I started using this application last fall I did not find it useful and I wanted to stick with Microsoft Word documents for taking in-class notes and writing papers. However, my thoughts quickly changed as time progressed through the spring semester. I realized why I did not like this program as much when I first started with it. The main reason was that I was not using the application to its full potential. I explored more with Google Docs by discovering that I can "share" documents, presentations, and spreadsheets with people everywhere just by a click on a button. That feature astounded me and I quickly began using it for every project and piece of homework. This is a great way to work on group projects. Another reason why Google Docs is my favorite collaborative tool is because all of my stored work is in the "cloud." What is the "cloud" exactly? The linked website is very informative about the world of the "cloud." Since using Google Docs I could finally get rid of my memory stick and quit worrying about losing it. I am so happy that I have discovered this collaborative tool. It has really been a great addition to my technological life and it has made my life a little easier.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Presentation Experience

The overall presentation experience for the introductions went very well in my opinion. Fist impressions mean everything. There are many great tips in the linked webiste above to make a first meeting with someone a memorable one. In my opinion my classmates have made a lasting impression on me. I think we have a talented and creative group of students in CCA. I enjoyed listening and watching everyone's unique presentation that told a little about them. I love how diverse our class is with interests and hobbies. Even though we are all unique, we have a passion for learning--which will allow for a community to grow within our class. Here is my presentation with Megan.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CCA Expectations

When May rolls around in about four short months I hope to learn many new and useful things from this class. My hope is to learn new age techniques that I will be able to apply to my future classroom. I am anxious to begin our projects and how they will interlock with technology in the classroom. Another expectation I have for this course is to have a community of peers that I can learn from. I have already felt a strong sense of cooperation and I feel that our group has potential to grow.