Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wag The Dog

This film is indeed a dark comedy. In my opinion the main message of this film is that "spinning" stories and lying continuously will only get the best of you and more than likely you will get caught. In the movie there were several instances where the three main characters were trying to get a new idea to the media and something would go wrong with it and they would have to alter it to make it believable to the American citizens. For example, the scene with "Old Shoe" at the gas station. The "American hero" who was returning home from being help captive ends up being shot by the small business owner. This example leads the main characters to change the story and to come up with something even better for the media to share with the nation. 

If any group of individuals were to be offended by this film I think it would be those who are associated with the government. I think this select group of people would be offended because they could argue that not all government officials are guilty of spinning the truth or lying to cover up their mistakes. 

Visually, this film is great. Each "act," as the producer would refer to in the film, is done in some sort of visual fashion for the American people to see. For example, the young girl, Tracy, is running away from bombs while trying to save herself and her kitten. 

Overall, I enjoyed this film. It was different from any other film I have watched. It sort of opened my eyes to how people go to desperate lengths to cover their mistakes, even if their mistakes are not true.  

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