Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Creative Thinking In Children

Creative thinking in children is amazing! They captivate their own version of the world and express it in ways almost unimaginable to adults. I have two cousins who are four years old and only months apart. My cousin's daughter, Cori Jane, and my husband's cousin's daughter, Isabelle. These two girls are extraordinary - maybe that is a bit bias considering they are family - but in any event it is true! These two girls love to play pretend and have such creative minds.

Cori loves to play "house." She will serve meals to her guests, do her clean up chores, and be a loving momma to her baby dolls. Izzy loves to play with electronics, particually, cell phones. She will play with her mom's phone (that is shut off and I'm surprised she has not figured out how to turn it back on!) and play pretend on it. She will call important people in her life and play make-believe games. In my opinion, this is a great sense of creative thinking. For young children to build up a world of there own from their own real-life experiences.  

Image from Personal Collection

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