Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Visit to Lincoln Elementary

During one of our class periods for CCA, my class went down to Lincoln Elementary in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The purpose of this trip was to check out the school's technology and how it is being used in the classroom setting. Before going down to the school I was thinking of what this school would be like, as it turned out my prediction of the school was inaccurate. I think it is safe to say that all of my classmates along with myself were astounded by the amount of technology this elementary school had. In addition, I was also amazed by the way the teachers and students used the technology in their classrooms.

The first classroom I visited was a 1st grade class. These students were using a mimio board to do their math lesson. I linked a instrustional video of how this tools works. It is a wonderful tool and has great potential for education in the future. This lesson was not set up in a traditional context. The students were gathered on the floor in the front of the classroom while one student had the opportunity to be "teacher" for the math lesson. All of the 1st graders were very attentive with the lesson and the technological tools were working well.

The next classroom I went to was in 5th grade science. The students here were working very hard on a project. I asked a group of students what exactly this project was about. One of the students informed me that each group was to create a building using Popsicle sticks and glue. However, this building was not just any creation. The students had to create a building to scale. Each stick represented 10 feet and their building had to be 70 stories tall, like a skyscraper in a large city.

This visit to Lincoln Elementary was a great indicator of why I want to be an educator. I could feel the passion the teachers and students had toward their projects and tasks. This school acts as a community and works very well with one another. I was very pleased with everything I learned when I left the school. This was a great experience for seeing how technology has influence today's education.

Image from freefoto.com