Thursday, December 13, 2012

Movie Review: A Single Man

This film is very different from any other I have viewed. It really opened my eyes to the lifestyles and choices made by others. This film definitely tugged at me emotionally. The grief that George feels for his partner is raw and real, and the Colin Firth does a great job displaying George's pain to the audiencee. I think this film has a great message within it. When people just "let go" of their pain and suffering and accept what has happened they are then are able to be "freed" so to say - and George was indeed freed at the end of this film.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Reflection Post

I have learned much since August! I now have a great understanding of visuals and why they are important in our world. However, I have learned more than just what visuals are. I have learned that body language is a huge piece of being visually literate. Being able to "read" a person is very important in this day-in-age. I have also learned that it is important to teach younger generations visual literacy and the meaning behind them. Overall, I enjoyed this course very much! It has impacted in ways that words can express and I now have a better view of the world.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Society's Influences

I went shopping at a local mall recently and I all of the sudden I was overcome by emotions. I was inside Victoria's Secret and I felt really strange while shopping in this store. I have been in this store many times and I had no problem until the other day. As I looked around the store I saw many photographs of beautiful and flawless women. As I studied these images I began to think about what those pictures were telling me and all the other women who shop there. Are we supposed to look like these women in the photos? If I don't look like this can I still purchase the items available in the store? Of course I have the right to purchase anything I would like inside this store, but I really began to think about the power of these images. I soon realized that I was thinking way too hard about shopping for clothing and I left the store. In my opinion, it is amazing how much images can influence our daily decisions.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spinning The Truth

Recently, I went and saw the film "The Master." This was a great film, in my opinion. Some say it has to do with the religion of Scientology, but I took it with a gain of salt and from what I gathered from it was a film about spinning the truth. This film resembled another film that I just watched from Visual Literacy - "Wag the Dog." Each film's plot was to spin around ideas that will make large groups of people believe the unbelievable. Overall, these two films can not be compared to one another because of their motives, but to break it down into simple terms the main characters in each film was just pulling garbage from their minds and spinning it into a great idea or event. I encourage everyone to watch these films and compare the actions of the main characters.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wag The Dog

This film is indeed a dark comedy. In my opinion the main message of this film is that "spinning" stories and lying continuously will only get the best of you and more than likely you will get caught. In the movie there were several instances where the three main characters were trying to get a new idea to the media and something would go wrong with it and they would have to alter it to make it believable to the American citizens. For example, the scene with "Old Shoe" at the gas station. The "American hero" who was returning home from being help captive ends up being shot by the small business owner. This example leads the main characters to change the story and to come up with something even better for the media to share with the nation. 

If any group of individuals were to be offended by this film I think it would be those who are associated with the government. I think this select group of people would be offended because they could argue that not all government officials are guilty of spinning the truth or lying to cover up their mistakes. 

Visually, this film is great. Each "act," as the producer would refer to in the film, is done in some sort of visual fashion for the American people to see. For example, the young girl, Tracy, is running away from bombs while trying to save herself and her kitten. 

Overall, I enjoyed this film. It was different from any other film I have watched. It sort of opened my eyes to how people go to desperate lengths to cover their mistakes, even if their mistakes are not true.  

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Visuals in Education

I am currently enrolled in a course named Algebraic Thinking for Elementary Teachers, and in this past unit we have been studying qualitative graphs. Visual representations in any mathematics class is a great aid for students. Visuals allow students to create connections with numbers in the context of the unit. Qualitative graphs are graphs that do not show much numeral information and the person reading the graph has to work off of the information within the graph - the lines.
For example, the graph below could be a case of a child swinging on a swing. The only information we know is that the y-axis is the distance from the ground and that the x-axis is the time elapsed. By using the curves of the lines, students can be confident that this graph does indeed show the case of a child on a swing. As time progresses the distance increases, however, the distance on the way back down stays constant (due to the fixed height of the swing). As we can see from this specific example, visuals are important in all areas of life and education. Using visuals can help problem solve and make connections to other critical details.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Creative Thinking In Children

Creative thinking in children is amazing! They captivate their own version of the world and express it in ways almost unimaginable to adults. I have two cousins who are four years old and only months apart. My cousin's daughter, Cori Jane, and my husband's cousin's daughter, Isabelle. These two girls are extraordinary - maybe that is a bit bias considering they are family - but in any event it is true! These two girls love to play pretend and have such creative minds.

Cori loves to play "house." She will serve meals to her guests, do her clean up chores, and be a loving momma to her baby dolls. Izzy loves to play with electronics, particually, cell phones. She will play with her mom's phone (that is shut off and I'm surprised she has not figured out how to turn it back on!) and play pretend on it. She will call important people in her life and play make-believe games. In my opinion, this is a great sense of creative thinking. For young children to build up a world of there own from their own real-life experiences.  

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